Aziquer Clothing Int.

I had the vision of creating stylish and fair produced clothes with a little extra. My idea was to cut out old fabrics and sew them onto the clothes. I started drawing and designing the first pieces and most of the people seemed to like it. So I thought to myself… let’s take this a step further.

Aziquer stands for a fairly produced and colorful fashion.

The production

I wanted to keep my focus on other topics like branding and marketing. So I searched for someone who can create the clothes in the fair and stylish way I wanted them to be. After weeks of researches, I teamed up with American sewing. From now on the creation and shipping of the clothes were handled in Los Angeles (US).

The shop

The idea was to sell everything online through a web-shop. At this point I had no idea how to create this kind of thing. So I spent hundreds of hours just researching before I got into the realization. I wrote code, took pictures, designed the interface, and often I was frustrated about things not working as I wanted. But in the end I made it and had a fully functional shop.


One of the things I loved the most was advertising my own products.

E-Mail newsletter
The first thing I set up was a mail newsletter. It was fully automated and would send product recommendations, funny texts or sales to the subscribers. To get the mail addresses I found out that little contests work best. So I created a small wheel of fortune at the entry page. To participate you just had to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Targeted Campaigns
I also worked with Social Media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and Google AdWords Campaigns. Since I had to pay for leads, I did a lot of testing to find out which ads perform best.

Social Media

From the beginning on I worked on the social media representation of the brand. The best channel by far was Instagram. I put a lot of effort into creating an outstanding Insta-page. From there I could do contests, upload fancy pictures and most important, link people to the shop to buy the products.

How it all ended

After two years I decided to stop Aziquer because of personal reasons. Today, the message displayed if you visit is the only thing left of this amazing time.