In 2016 I learned my first pieces of Html and CSS coding. Once I discovered the “hover-option” I couldn’t let go of all the fascinating possibilities. So I came up with the idea to create a game where you have to press buttons, but each button has different behavior. Once you pressed all the different buttons you could print yourself a certificate that says that you are really good at pressing buttons.

All my friends were in love with this simple game I created. They said I should publish it. So I got the domain “buttonbanger.net” and put it on my server.
…and then I forgot about it.

Gameplay of buttonbanger
You just had to press all the fancy buttons.

It was 4 months later when I got a message from Google Analytics that congratulated me on 100’000 website visitors. My first thoughts honestly where “WTF?”. I opened it and checked what was going on. And no there was no error. From one day to the next the player numbers exploded.
In the first year, it was played over 229’540 times.

As fast as the hype began it also ended. It is still played today, but it never got back to that hype it once had. But what stayed the same and never got less was my love for realizing crazy projects.